Aaliyah’s Annoying Travel Companions

Have you noticed how God conveniently pairs us up with annoying aaliyah traveling companions? It’s true.

God pairs us up with a few travelers who make us want to pull out every strand of hair on our head that he himself has counted. These are people who are perfectly designed to get under your skin.

Am I right or what? There are these annoying people that God seems to place on each of our paths. They may not always seem like they should be on our team, but there they are.


We may not always recognize the benefit of their existence; in fact, we may down right question it, but without them, you and I might never make aaliyah.

From the book of Exodus, we can appreciate Moshe’s own aaliyah with the multitude of people including his own family members.


On his journey, Moshe had many personality conflicts to deal with. As he led his people out of Egypt he was challenged, doubted, troubled, gossiped about, and on and on the conflict goes.

Wisely, Moshe trusted God; in fact, he often confided in him regarding these travelers who had joined him as he ventured toward a quest for freedom. In some ways, these annoying companions shaped his endurance to make aaliyah.

I’d like to believe that God used these interactions to help Moshe grow as spiritually and humanly decent as possible. I think he also shapes our journey as much as he did Moshe’s.


It appears that God adds people to our lives who will help us develop strength and maturity. They reinforce our determination to make aaliyah. In return, we encourage their endurance. After all, you are also an annoying traveler in your own right.

Admittedly some travelers are like the morning dew or soft rain on leaves; soaking into the roots of our lives. Others are more like manure and potting soil. Then there are the weeds rich in devalued merit.

Every time we find ourselves pulling out the weeds we are building our strength and determination. We are choosing to make aaliyah in spite of who or what challenges our walk.

Occasionally some of these weeds are really wildflowers; instead of pulling them, we help to cultivate and civilize their own aaliyah. These wildflowers make our journey colorful.


On my journey, there are three annoying people that God always seems to pair me up with. There is the compassionate traveler, the critical traveler and the one who won’t stop tagging along.

They used to annoy me to no end until I figured out just what God had in mind and why we were the perfect traveling companions. However good they are for my soul, I often discover that I am habitually too self-focused to figure it out on my own.


The compassionate traveler always seems to feel sorry for you; as if you need a pity party. With a frowny-smile, they consistently remind you that the journey will get better. As an A-type personality, I’m competitive and love the fight, “STOP BABYING ME!”

Of course, they persist to ply you with hope and encouragement. The next thing you know, they are praying for safe travels as you make aaliyah together. This annoying person is someone you need on your journey. They see your future as bright and they’ve come alongside you. It’s not pity, but a vision for your true potential that draws them to your aaliyah.


Next up, the critical traveler. It’s as if you have failure stamped on your forehead. This person constantly talks to others about your journey. They know you’re doing it all wrong and clearly lie in wait to push you off of the first cliff you come upon.

This annoying person is obviously jealous. The critical traveler doesn’t feel that they could possibly measure up to your strength or keep up with your steps. God in this way has pitted the two of you together because stone sharpens stone.

Together you are learning to negotiate the path. As it turns out, you are not so different from each other. You both stand to learn a few things from this co-existence, and seriously, you need to take some cues from the compassionate traveler.


Finally, the tag along who won’t get lost. This person unquestionably has no life. They follow everywhere you go, taking interest in everything you do. This traveler stands too close and admires you too much. Is a little breathing room too much to ask for?

God chose this annoying person to join you on your journey so that you could inspire them to also make aaliyah. This person found hope in your journey. God is teaching you to be a mentor to someone outside of your own existence.

He is challenging you to be a role model and he has gifted you with an admirer. Imagine that, God sees you as a leader and so does the tag along. Seriously, lighten up!

In my life, the compassionate traveler, critical traveler and the one who won’t stop tagging along have all been instrumental. So, to that I say, thank you to the annoying travelers for whom God has placed on my path.


Please keep annoying me. I promise in return to keep annoying you. You are indeed my tribe and I wouldn’t want to make aaliyah any other way.


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